“My Life Sentence”

My name is Vernon Hilyer aka: Brandon’s Dad. I share a true life story about my son’s fight with alcohol and the effects his choices had on everyone who knew and loved him. My son Brandon was an outstanding all-American kid that was full of life, but alcohol impaired his control and eventually robbed him of life. Now I serve a “Life Sentence” due to his drinking and driving. My Life Sentence is not one behind bars but a life full of sadness and emptiness. In my program I share many things about his drinking world, both in high school and in college that most can relate to. My true-life story has had a life changing effect on many people. As you look through this site, think to yourself how this will impact your students. Working together we can save one more life and one more family’s dreams.

We also have just added a “Beer Goggle” event with Pedal Karts that allow a Simulated DUI experience in a Safe environment. Ask for details.

If you are interested in my program and would like to help me impact more lives by delivering a presentation to your group or organization, or if you would just simply like to get more information click here to contact me. 


I have been added to the NCAA Speaker List. Please contact them for more information and contact me about future programs with you.